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Attention Braillenote users, please email rather than trying to create a character. One will be created for you.
The current time in Prime Plane is 4:35 am.
Next new game day in: 0h, 48m, 32s (real time)

The newest resident of the realm is: Peasant stormorb

Today's weather is expected to be high winds with scattered showers in most parts of the Realm.

The current leader of the Clan PvP Contest is Clan Myth Makers with 37 wins!
The current contest ends in 5 days.

There are a total of 56,507 Dragonkills to date.
There are a total of 613 registered players in the realm.
The most recent hero of the realm is: @@@ Rayn Darren

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If you try to log in only to find your password doesn't work, please petition with the name of your character.

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